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Masquintense capelli fini 200ml - Ermanno Mossio - Salone parrucchieri - Alba e Bra (CN)

Masquintense capelli fini 200ml

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This highly concentrated nourishing treatment was designed for dry and extremely fine sensitized hair looking for durable nutrition.

SOLUTION FOR: Capelli secchi, Capelli fini,

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Kerastase Hairdresser words:
"Masquintense was the first mask for hair invented in 1980, and has been improved to remain the best nourishing mask I know."
Hervé Weber

Deeply nourishing hair mask with the highest concentration of Irisome
Nourishes the fiber with nutriments essential to its radiance
Helps maintain a perfect nutrition level across time
Keeps hair bright and soft with a supple and light touch
Protects the fibers against oxidization
Makes hair easier to detangle

to improve natural oil production.
Glucids to provide a genuine energy boost for the nutrition of the hair fiber from the root up.
Proteins to nourish the fiber and steep it in softness.
Iris Rhizome Extract to protect the hair from oxydation and prolonge the nutrition result.

After using the right Bain Satin, apply one or two hazelnut-sized amounts of Masquintense Fine Hair, strand by strand, on wrung out hair. Carefully massage the hair.
Leave-in for 5 to 10 minutes.
Gently emulsify, rinse thoroughly and towel-dry hair.

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volume: 200ml

Solution for: Capelli secchi, Capelli fini,

gamma: KERASTASE - Nutritive

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