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Intensive fall protection program - Ermanno Mossio - Salone parrucchieri - Alba e Bra (CN)

Intensive fall protection program

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An intensive 30 day fall arrest program suitable for all types of hair subject to chronic or seasonal hair loss and weakening.


SOLUTION FOR: Beauty man, Caduta capelli,

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Kerastase reinvents and re-proposes its formula against time and stress that weakens your hair through an exclusive and effective protocol: the Aminexil fall vials, with Rhamnose and Aox Complex.
The historic anti-fall formula developed by Kerastase is renewed in 2016, combining three ultra-concentrated active ingredients: Rhamnose, Aminexil and Aox Complex.
When the hair follicle is degraded the hair begins to thin out, and it is here that Kerastase intervenes with its revolutionary product based on Rhamnose, which is a vegetable sugar obtained thanks to the research of Avanceè L'Oréal, and the complex Aminexil GLM, created precisely from Kerastase laboratories to combat hair loss.
Rhamnose acts on the elasticity of the scalp and on the quality of the skin, challenging the passage of time.
Aminexil GLM, on the other hand, counteracts the stiffening of the collagen that causes the suffocation of the hair. Then there is the gluco-lipid GL, a nutri-energizing molecule that serves to nourish the hair and stimulate the roots to make the hair stronger and more resistant; finally, the Madecassoside, a soothing molecule that reduces the micro-irritations that are created around the hair follicle and that cause the hair growth cycle to slow down.
The new AOX COMPLEX, which includes L-Carnosine, Vitamin E and Moringa extract, acts on the scalp and hair to ensure lasting protection against the reappearance of imbalances.

The vial, in a special anti-waste package and fitted with an applicator spout, must be rubbed onto the wet or dry scalp, in fact the product does not leave any wet effect on the hair and the benefits do not vanish during hair styling / drying.
A prolonged massage (a couple of minutes) will promote absorption even for the purpose of stimulating the scalp microcirculation.
The hair will be soft, nourished from the roots to the tips, bright and above all more resistant.
Furthermore the use of vials will also favor a prolonged hold of the selected styling or styling. A real intensive fall arrest program.

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volume: 6ml x 30

Solution for: Beauty man, Caduta capelli,

gamma: KERASTASE - Specifique

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