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Matérialiste 195ml - Ermanno Mossio - Salone parrucchieri - Alba e Bra (CN)

Matérialiste 195ml

€ 17.50€ 24.00
- € 6,50
All-over thickening spray gel - Flexible hold

SOLUTION FOR: For all the air, Capelli fini,

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Matérialiste has instantly visible results and allow fine or thinning hair to create styles they never before thought possible: braids, thick ponytails, etc. Ideally controls hair and gives it bounce when air-dried naturally.

People seeking thickness or more hair matter with which to style. Ideal for fine and normal hair.

The diameter of each fibre is immediately expanded, resulting in visibly & tactilely fuller, denser hair matter. Hair is weightlessly texturized, easier to style, yet retains its cosmetic touch and allure.

INTRACYLANE®: Creates a durable intra-cellular network to amplify the diameter of each fiber.
Ceramides: Strengthen the fiber, lubricate & make it pliable.
Xylose: Known for its thermo-protective properties, it acts to preserve hair quality.

Spray into hands and comb through from roots to tips. Blowdry and Style or allow hair to air-dry, as desired.

Data sheet

volume: 195ml

Solution for: For all the air, Capelli fini,

gamma: KERASTASE - Couture styling

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