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Parlux Alyon ionizer tech

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Parlux Alyon Bronze is the new benchmark for professional hair dryers, the result of over 40 years of PARLUX in the hair dryer sector. With an innovative, sophisticated and particularly ergonomic design, this hairdryer has been designed to offer the highest level of performance, lightness, durability and usability, focusing on AIR IONIZER TECH technology to allow rapid and beneficial drying of the hair.

The hair will be bright and soft thanks to the negative ions emitted during use.

SOLUTION FOR: Accessories, For all the air,

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Technical features:
• Lightening of all the components that made it possible to create an exceptionally light and at the same time much quieter hair dryer.
• Ergonomic design, weight balance.
• 2 speeds and 4 temperatures.
• "AIR IONIZER TECH" ionic technology, eliminates static electricity from the hair, making it soft, shiny and reducing drying times.
• Hair capture system "HFS - HAIR FREE SYSTEM" which allows, with a few simple gestures, to remove the hair that is sucked from the hair dryer for a better functioning and a longer life.
• New variable geometry resistance - ideal power of 2250 Watts with optimization of the heating areas for an even more uniform dispensed temperature.
• Air flow: 84 cubic meters / hour for rapid drying and low energy consumption.
• "Anti-heating" front body, which keeps a low temperature at the front of the hair dryer.
• 2 "Soft" switches, ergonomic for better comfort of use.
• Cold air button.
• K-ADVANCE PLUS motor - guarantees 3000 hours of duration for greater performance of the hair dryer.
• Swivel cable that allows free working and new integrated cable gland.
• Eco Friendly - Recyclable raw materials, low noise pollution with built-in silencer, super-fast drying for energy savings.

The hair dryer is equipped with 2 special quick-release nozzles of different sizes for a diversified air flow. The first nozzle for perfect styling and the second for quick drying.

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Solution for: Accessories, For all the air,

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