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Densimorphose 150ml - Ermanno Mossio - Salone parrucchieri - Alba e Bra (CN)

Densimorphose 150ml

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This mousse instantly transforms the hair, fiber by fiber, for a visible volume result. The fiber is more supple, beginning with the roots, and the hair is light and shiny.

SOLUTION FOR: Capelli fini, Caduta capelli,

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Gluco-Peptides: to repair past aggressions
Hyaluronic: to give bounce and plumpness to the hair

Shake well before using. Apply an orange-sized amount of mousse on washed, towel-dried hair. Use a comb to apply, moving down from the roots and ensuring that the product is applied thoroughly along the length of the hair. Proceed to styling. Do not rinse.

Data sheet

volume: 150ml

Solution for: Capelli fini, Caduta capelli,

gamma: KERASTASE - Densifique

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